The birth of The Hugo Creative #thc

Welcome to the first of many blogs!

I wanted to start off by saying - thank you to everyone who has shown their support thus far and have loved the products as much as I do. I really do take pride in providing the absolute best products available on the market from our labels through to our storage solutions, and I hope overtime I can bring even cooler and more unique concepts to you all.

A little bit about the woman behind the brand... For many years I have been unsure of what to do with myself, I have travelled, worked hard, bought a house, nearly married and yet I still felt a little lost. I always knew I never wanted to work for someone and to put it in black and white... I just don't like being told what to do.

I look back at COVID-19 and really have to thank it for putting me in an uncomfortable position, I was at the point of being convinced that I was going to lose my job. I really felt now is the best time to push this brand that I love, because I myself was at home re-organising everything a going a little cray cray.

I absolutely love being over the top with organisation and decluttering, many would describe me as a minimalist with chronic OCD... and I am ok with that!

I saw that there was a hole in the market - don't get me wrong, people out there can provide similar products - but I found that when I wanted something, I wanted it now, and I knew that there would be other people in the same position I was in and hence The Hugo Creative was born.

From labels to all things home storage we will have you covered, and I promise to provide you with the most pleasant experience to help you make organising your life that little easier.

I told myself not to ramble and to keep this short and sweet so on that note - I will talk to you all once we launch - OCT 2020.

Love always,

Rachel & of course, Hugo!

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